Injectors, carbs and calipers
Your #1 Solution for Petrol Fuel Injector, Carburettor and Brake Caliper Servicing.
Your #1 Solution for Petrol Fuel Injector, Carburettor and Brake Caliper Servicing.
Based in Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire, Injectors, Carbs & Calipers (ICC) offer a second to none service and a very competitive pricing structure. 

If you would like to know more or wish to use our services, please call us on 07830 906547 or email info@icc-solutions.co.uk

- Petrol Fuel Injector Flow Testing, Cleaning & Service.

- Carburettor Ultrasonic Cleaning, and Overhaul.

- Brake Caliper Strip, Clean, Overhaul & Paint (if requested).

- Zinc Plating & Powder Coating Service
Brake Caliper Overhaul
From a simple repair to your sticking, siezed or leaking brake calipers, to a full overhaul and paint service, we can provide the solution for you.
Injector Flow Testing & Service
Modern fuels have lots of additives in them which help to keep your engine clean but, amazingly enough, they can do the opposite to your fuel system. Dirty or clogged fuel injectors not only affect fuel economy but can also cause poor performance and running issues. ICC can test, ultrasonically clean and service your injectors so they perform like new once again. 
Carburettor Cleaning
Having your carburettor(s) proffesionally ultrasonically cleaned can make a vast difference to the running of your engine. ICC can offer a simple strip and clean to a full overhaul (subject to parts availability).
Discount for TVRCC Members
A 10% discount has been negotiated for TVRCC Members upon verification of your membership No.
Discounts Available for Trade
Discounts available for Trade, please ask.
Fuel System Parts available
We also supply fuel system parts including  fuel hose resistant to the latest E10 fuels etc...
Please ask for more details.
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email: info@icc-solutions.co.uk

Tel: 07830 906547